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>> what have you been able to get from any witnesses? did they hear arguing or shouting, any gunshots, was there domestic problems in that area? >> that's all still part of the investigation. they are still interviewing witnesses that time. >> reporter: again, as you just heard, very little information to give. but police say anyone that was in the area of the 8500 block of greenbelt road, the spring garden apartment complex at 2:30 and saw anything suspicious, please call the crimestoppers number. they're looking for information on a potential suspect. they focused on the lobby area where the woman was found and also the -- dustd it for fingerprints but still no suspects. for live, now in greenbelt, fox 5 news, roby chavez. in an attempt to repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy
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never even came up for a vote. it was blocked. sherry ly is here now with the news edge on this one. >> reporter: the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, is dead for now. it's possible the legislation could be revived, but if senate republicans take up seats in the november election, lifting the ban on gays serving openly may prove difficult, if not impossible. efforts to repeal the law banning gays from serving openly in the military appeared in trouble from the start. suzanne collins considered the crucial 60th vote was not on board. >> i cannot vote to proceed to this bill under a situation that is going to shut down the debate and preclude republican amendment. >> reporter: republica ns blocked consideration of the $726 billion defense authorization bill which includes a repeal of the law known as don't ask, don't tell,
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and other possible controversial measures. democrats needed 60 votes but fell four votes short. >> the yeahs are 56, the nays are 43. >> all we wanted to do was bring it to the floor. they wouldn't even let us do that. they wouldn't allow the courage to have a vote on this. >> reporter: gray rights groups saw this as the last chance before the election to over turn the 17-year-old law. >> it ought to go. it's unamerican and in consistent with our values of opportunity. >> reporter: democrats blamed republicans. >> looking at a bleak elect oral situation, we are going to jam this through. >> reporter: president barack obama's pick to lead the marine corp didn't help. general james amos said he didn't think congress should lift the ban, however the white house remains optimistic. >> the president continues to urge congress to act. i don't think this is the end. >> reporter: under the proposed
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legislation, the repeal would not have taken effect until the president, secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chief of staff signed off but one republican senator called that process phony since the two military leaders are on record supporting the president and efforts to lift the ban. one of the president's top economic advisors plans to leave the the administration at the end of the year. lawrence summers will leave to return to harvard university. the president said he is grateful for his service during a time of great peril for the country. and two other members of the team left earlier this year. a secret donor has given a $1 million check to a tea party member. but while a loophole allows them to remain anone mus, there is no -- anonymous, there is no
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doubt that there are rifts opening up. >> reporter: from the start, the tea party has been a patch work of different groups all carrying the tea party name. >> the tea party i know is this right here. >> reporter: but here in washington tuesday, one of those groups, tea party patriots, put it's name out front, announcing a $1 million donation from a secret donor. >> the donor requested anonymity to do so. >> reporter: campaign finance laws allowed anonymity. and the tea party movement is facing increasing sniping from democrats and some established republicans. >> when we see the white house taking aim at us and political pundits knifing at us and it doesn't bother us at all. >> the challenge for the tea party movement is to identify what would you do. >> reporter: as the president
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laid down a challenge to tea partiers, his spokesman tuesday denied a new york times story that the white house was planning a wave of anti-tea party tv ads leaving up to the elections. >> what was untrue was that there was a ad campaign that was not existed or being contemplated. >> reporter: republican leader who's have found themselves targeted as tea party examples of washington over spending, set to unveil a new blue print for what the g.o.p. will do after november. >> i think we're getting back to basics. what makes us a party, what are our core believes, where we strayed and then what we have to concentrate on to win. >> reporter: but for a movement that didn't exist in 2008, the tea party factor is already proving to be a major focus of the 2010 election. >> who prevails in this three- way tug of war could determine the balance of power on capitol hill where democrats hold a 77- seat edge in the house and only
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a 60 seat edge in the senate. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. one teenager under arrest and another on the run following a stabbing and robbery today. wisdom martin is live with details. wisdom? >> reporter: well according to police, this happened at 9:00 this morning and they also say that a man was hired by a lienholder to take some pictures in this area. he was here at 9:00 this morning, all alone taking the pictures, when he was approached by two young suspects. they asked him for his money and the camera. he refused. the suspect then attacked him and they started kicking him and stabbing him. at this point there are workers who were arriving here to go to work and saw this taking place and started blowing their horns and yelling. the suspects were scared and took off running. the police were here and chased both of the suspects but they only captured one, a 15-year- old, and the other one is still at large and they are searching for him at this point.
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the victim is in the hospital in stable condition, suffering from several stab wounds but he is expected to beo -- okay. that is the latest on the investigation. a woman running for the green party candidate in maryland has died after being hit by a suv. natasha pettigrew was on a bike training for a triathlon when she was struck. a cadillac escalade hit her. her mother returned to the scene and found one of her shoes still there. >> i'm empty, i'm lost. i miss her. but i did the right thing. i made the decision not to resuscitate when her heart failed. she would not want to have lived as -- in a vegetative stage. >> police say the driver did not stop at the scene but
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called later saying she thought she hit a deer. the bike was still lodged in the grill of the car. coming up on the news edge at 6:00, millions of dollars seized from the vatican in a money laundering investigation. and city officials in a small town taking home more money than the president of the united states. it sparked outrage in california this summer. now eight people are facing charges. details after the break. d right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row.
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and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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quick update on the outrageous salaries city officials in bell, california were taken home. eight people have been arrested. residents were outraged after learning officials were paying themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars. those arrested were the mayor, ex city manager and current and former city council members. another scandal with the catholic church. $32million was seized from a vatican bank account. the bank's director and general chairman under investigation in a money laundering probe. the vatican said it is perplexed and survived by -- surprised by the trouble. they were also involved in a major scandal back in the 80s. a 15-year-old boy was able to sneak past airport secure and on to a flight to chile. the boy walked closely with
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other passengers, he had no passports or ticket. the teen's father reported him missing. he received a phone call from chile on sunday. u.s. health officials call it one of the world's most pressing public health problems. latest on the superbug and why it's unstoppable. sue? some changes to the weekend forecast coming your way next.
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an antibiotic resist superbug. we have more on the threat. >> reporter: an organism too advanced for our medical experts. >> a superbug. they are calling it a superbug because it has resistance to all of the antibiotics we have. we cannot treat it any more. >> reporter: d dr. micha el symbol said doctors are unable to produce an antibiotic that combats the organism. here lab workers inspect diseases. the doctor said the superbug has a gene that produced an unbeatable enzyme.
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>> we do not have drugs for the superbugs. >> reporter: so it continues to mutate people. without antibiotics, people must depend on the immune system and fend for themself. >> if you don't treat it, 20% might get better. 80% may go on to die. >> reporter: it originated in india but has spread all over the world. most of the cases involve people who have been treated in indian hospitals. but the bug is easily transferable. >> we have become a very small world in terms of transportation of nasty organisms. >> reporter: brit moreno, fox news. another beautiful day out there. >> i think september is fantastic. 80 degrees today. get ready for it to get hot. 10 degrees warmer tomorrow. we might be looking at a stretch of three 90-degree plus days. starting tomorrow, which is weird because it is the first day of fall. tomorrow afternoon with the
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increase in heat and a little bit of a trigger coming our way, it is somewhat possible that we could even have a rumble of thunder in the afternoon. meanwhile, our weather headlines are going to talk about first and foremost the big heat that we expect to start to build around here and the fact that fall will begin tomorrow at 11:09 p.m. so tomorrow officially isn't the first day of fall. we'll save that for thursday but it does kick in late tomorrow night. that's for sure. and also let you know that it will be feeling more summer like the next few days, maybe a pop-up storm tomorrow afternoon and we'll watch the weekend. it looks right now like it could be unsettled, cooler and a couple of areas of low pressure. they may pass to the south or off to the west but i think there is a chance that they could effect us so we'll watch that. 80 degrees today. what a beautiful day it was. bright, blue skies. i challenge you to find a cloud, although you may be able to find a few tomorrow. and it's important to keep track of this temperature
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trend, average of 78 degrees, 90 tomorrow, 91 on thursday. 91 on friday. saturday we drop down a little bit, assy second front comes on through at 82 degrees. now around the region, at this hour, because of the humidity and the air is dry, we're still in the upper 70s to low 80s in most places, but across the country we go because i want you to see how the temperatures have been climbing. we still have mid-90s on the map for little rock. st. louis 91. nashville 94. atlanta 91. so parts of the middle of the u.s. are hotter than florida and that's the kind of air we'll be tapping tomorrow as a big area of high pressure on top of us now slips off the coast and we start getting that south wind. we also know there are a couple of showers and thunderstorms associated with a front close by tomorrow. it doesn't have a lot of cooler air with it. there will be a trigger forming ahead of it too. so we'll watch and see if some of the showers and storms don't pop up, widely scattered for us, late tomorrow afternoon and into the overnight hours.
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and we continue to see tropical rain across texas but we don't have those in the cards for us and we could certainly use some. it remains very dry. but it is also glorious and beautiful. mostly clear and not so cool. can still see jupiter out there tonight. the bright star near the moon. 63 degrees. tomorrow we turn up the heat. an evening shower or storm not out of the realm of possibility, 90 degrees. and your planner for tomorrow. and a warm, sunny day. and although the humidity isn't july-like, like we've seen, but the humidity will climb. by noon 85 degrees and by 4:00 we'll watch radar closely to see if we don't have one or -- don't have one or two thunderstorms around the region. by noon tomorrow we still don't see too much going on but into the keu6 -- 6:00 hour we might
6:20 pm
see some thursday 91 degrees. maybe a late shower on saturday and a few scattered showers on sunday. right now we're unsure on the weekend forecast but you can see it does feature quite a drop in temperature on sunday at 76. it looks unsettled right now. i know you don't want to hear that. we don't have model agreement. it has to do with where an area of low pressure is going to track. it could be significant rain and it could totally miss us. how is that for nailing it down. did you see this, a duck with an arrow stuck in it? swimming around a pond in grand rapids, michigan. it took a clean shot to the chest by an arrow. no one knows who did it but she's leading her rescuers on a wild goose chase. she keeps getting away and will not give up. the america's promise alliance is out with the 100 best communities for young people and three places in our area made the list. kellen lutz was on the national
6:21 pm
mall to announce the winners. it recognized communities most dedicated to help children dedicate from high school. alexandria, virginia, calvert county, maryland, being honored this year. you can see the list at might be a day off for the redskins. team making headlines. a big name is cut loose two games into the season. dave feldman up next with the sports edge. ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients.
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good afternoon. i'm -- good afternoon, i'm dave feldman. the redskins have let go of larry johnson. they said they needed to make a roster move against the rams. he played in a reserve role, carrying the ball just five times for two yards. talk about missed opportunities. this past weekend, prior to the overtime against the texans, redskins had good chances to close it out. 6:40 left and the gano kick blocked. and this pass just misses joey galloway. redskins could have put it out of reach. redskins might be competing better than last year. but this is little solace to the defense. >> we're out there competing with the great team, the team that beat indianapolis last
6:25 pm
week, compared to last year when we were getting the butts knocked out of us every week. in the end things need to be won. >> i have confidence that we'll move forward and move to the next game and get a victory next week. >> a game you can see on fox at 4:00 p.m. sunday. coaches can change their minds. the eagles andy reid did. announcing today that michael vick will start on sunday at jacksonville for philadelphia. yesterday he said kevin kolb would start. this afternoon the cavs participated in a scrimmage. alexander semin scored 40 goals last season and is beginning his sixth season with the caps. they start tomorrow night on the road against the bluejackets. season opening is friday october 9th at atlanta.
6:26 pm
monday night football, drew brees pumping up his saints. opponent is the san francisco 49ers. final minute, game tied 22-22. brees go to colston and makes the catch to put new orleans in field goal range. three plays later, partially blocked but with enough juice on it to cross the cross bar. saints edge the 49ers, 25-22, to improve to 2-0. maryland returns home this saturday after suffering its first loss to virginia. this week's opponent is 0-2, florida international. the golden panthers have lost to rutgers and texas a&m, the terps head coach wants his team to receive a signature moment. >> i still have a lot of belief in this team. i would like for us to be able to push through in a game like
6:27 pm
that. i think that would tremendously help us. tonight more on the maryland quarterback situation which is dicey and donovan mcnabb at fedex field for some charity. we'll tell you what that is about tonight coming up on the news edge at 11:00. brian. getting hot out there. sue with a look at the five- day. >> one more comfortable night. temperatures around the region dropping into the 50s. last night we were in 40s. but we're heading for 90s tomorrow. back here tonight at 10:00, the news edge at 11:00, have a fantastic night. hope you'll be back here as well. see you.  c s
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